Buy I-Tunes Ratings and Comments from the Originators

Looking to get more downloaded sales on Itunes? Want to impress record labels and AR departments? There are many more ways to promote your music independently now besides Facebook and YouTube. You need to expand your promotions into areas that have the potential to make you more sales. Our Itunes promotions will increase your buzz, popularity, and presence on Itunes.  We are the originator creators of Itunes marketing.  So come to and begin to understand why some of the biggest names in the music industry use our services.  Don’t just trust anyone with your career and lively hood , trust the best!

We do this by focusing on the following:

– COMMENTS! increasing your COMMENTS and RATINGS on your album pages to keep the buzz up on your page and show people how popular you are. They are more inclined to purchase your music if others are affirming your coolness and growing popularity.  People love to purchase today based on transparency and others opinions.


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