Want To See Top Viral Videos Weekly on a Chart?

Many people may want to know what family, friends, and associates are talking about in the viral video world, but don’t know where to turn to. YouTube can be very confusing when trying to find videos that are going viral because of heavy advertising done by the corporations. Well now there is www.VideoViralChart.com. If the topic has to do with sport, movies, music, breaking news, entertainment, etc., then VideoViralChart.com has it. It is updated weekly and is presented as a chart so it is easy to read. There are ten videos and the viral chart tells whether it is climbing the charts or going down by using a red or green arrow.

VideoViralChart.com was designed to bring viral videos as a topic of conversation and unit people on the viral topics of the world. Take a couple of minutes out of your busy day each week and view the top viral videos of the world weekly and please don’t forget to pass it onto love ones.

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