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Buy YouTube views from a company that does not sell YouTube views? That’s right. was a buy YouTube views company, but no more. has moved on to be one of the top selling Video Seeding companies for independent musician, record labels, distribution companies, Hollywood, and movie and film studios. So why use them to purchase YouTube views? Because they know what they are doing!

If the rich and famous are using them, shouldn’t you? has been in business over 5 years. They have one of the most advanced tracking systems available for YouTube views. If you have a campaign running with them you can expect an email sent to you every morning with a screenshot of your YouTube video! This becomes proof that your song or video has gone viral and can be used as ammunition when negotiating a record deal or trying to secure a venue for your next concert.

There is a reason why has been around for 5 years. They are constantly improving their products to benefit their clients. You can see out of 1,000’s of clients, not one has anything negative to say. Simply Google their name and you will see what I am talking about. They proudly display their “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau at the bottom of their website. So don’t take my word, due some reasearch and give them a call at (813)413-5209 for a FREE consultation today.

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