Does The Voice Manipulate iTunes Chart (PROOF)?

Many fans of the tv show The Voice have been asking the question, “Does The Voice Manipulate the iTunes Chart or Rankings?” Well now you can be the judge of that. has come across a piece of interesting information. Please exam the photo below and then we can discuss.

Does The Voice Manipulate iTunes Charts?

You are looking at a snap shot taking from of the downloadable sales of the single “Toxic” performed by Melanie Martinez from The Voice. is a third party tracking agency for downloadable iTunes sales. They have no reason to lie or to “fake” any of the following information. This chart starts on position number 40 (all the way to the right) which corresponds to the date November 23, 2012 and goes to position 0 (all the way on the left) which is November 26, 2012. The chart reads newest to oldest, left to right. You can diffidently see something is wrong here. There is no way for a song to be bouncing from the low 200’s to the exact position of 150 on the chart 5 times! All this within 24 hours, also! Hmmmmmmmmm????

You can then see from November 24th (middle of chart) to November 26th (left of chart) the downloadable sales went from the mid 300’s to the exact chart position of 200, not 1, not 2, but 9 TIMES!!! Again, all with 48 hours.

I would love to hear from the fans of The Voice, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton. What about feedback from other contestants and their fans from The Voice that are competing against Melanie Martinez? You be the judge!

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