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So you are looking to get more sales on iTunes? Then look no further. has released their newest product and it is guaranteed to increase and get more sales on iTunes for you. is a viral video seeding company which means they embed you video onto other websites to increase traffic, sales, and downloads. Currently, they are affiliated with over 1,000 well known websites. As far as we know, they are the only company in the world that offers a money back guarantee if they do not fulfill their contractual obligation of increasing your iTunes sales for your songs or albums.

Why risk spending money on other forms of advertising that offer no return on investment (ROI)? Most other iTunes marketing companies offer a 10 to 1 ratio on your ROI. So for example, if you spend $10,000 with other iTunes marketing companies, they suggest you would receive $1,000 worth of sales! How horrible is that? The funny part is that the $1,000 is not even guaranteed. It is just suggested that you MIGHT receive back $1,000 in sales, but who really knows if you would get back anything? By the time you find out the final ROI, it is three months later and your money is already spent. has been around for 5 years and they have an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau. They also put their guarantee in writing. This is something no other iTunes marketing company even offers. It is probably because the other competitor’s products and services really don’t get you more iTunes sales.

So don’t waste time or money! If you want the best iTunes marketing company in the business then is your company. Don’t take a chance with your freshly released video and song. Bring it to, the only company that guarantees they can get you more iTunes sales!

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