How did Nicole Westbrook’s – “It’s Thansgiving” go viral?

Many are now asking, “How did Nicole Westbrook’s song, It’s Thanksgiving, go viral on YouTube?” The answer is very simple, video seeding. The initial viral push is of course a trade secret, but everything that follows is right in front of your eyes. As more blogs, news stations, and entertainment magazines got a hold of the story, it forced more views to Nicole’s video. They have embedded the video into their websites, which is called video seeding. Now the fans of all those resources are driving viral numbers of views to “It’s Thanksgiving”.

Nicole Westbrook – It's Thanksgiving from Blog

So, is video seeding the answer for all independent musicians, of course not! This is another weapon that can be added to your arsenal for your marketing campaigns on news songs, albums, and videos. The proof that video seeding works is now right in front of your eyes and the eyes of 6,000,000 others. Give a call today see if we can make you the next viral video sensation.

Questions To Ponder:
Who is the marketing company for Nicole Westbrook? How did Nicole Westbrook become famous? Who ran the campaign for “It’s Thanksgiving”? Did Nicole Westbrook buy youtube views? Did Nicole Westbrook use video seeding? Who is Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson? Did Nicole Westbrook use

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