Increase Your Music Sales Online

So you are an indie musician that has tried every form of music marketing out there to increase your online music sales. From Facebook to Online Streaming to dj mix tapes have all failed you. Your downloadable music sales seem to be struggling even if you were to give it away for free! Now what? is your answer to increasing your online music sales. has 2 of the most powerful instruments in marketing your online music, video seeding and the largest viral community on the planet. Twenty of there websites get more than 500,000 unique visitors per month. They can simply embed your YouTube video into their other websites to drive video viewers to your new music video. Some of the viewers can be potential buyers of your music. This process is called video seeding.

The VVV Viral Community is comprised of other independent musicians and artists like yourself. Your song is sent out to the community and many struggling artist will understand your situation and download your song. It’s kind of a code in the music industry. Due onto others as you will have them do onto you….support!

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