A Small Victory For VideoViralViews.com, IMDb Admits They Are Guilty

Follow Up To: http://videoviralviews.com/2013/03/1-imdb-allowing-paid-customers-to-endure-cyberbullying-cyberstalking/
First, I want to thank all the actors, actresses, writers, producers, managers, and talent agencies for reading our emails and reacting to the call of action. Even though this is a small victory for us, I think there is more that can be done. For example, removing the list all together. Here is what Vhavnal Singh has updated his post to read:

“Update: Some people on this list are claiming I’m “cyber-stalking” them. I’m NOT. Since they are incapable of reading the Top of this list, I will re-emphasize.

The people on this list are those that have a very HIGH starmeter ranking and in correlation to the project they have been part of, their high ranking is not justifiable. This list does not take into account the gender, age and race of the manipulators. Calling me a cyber stalker won’t justify what these people are doing. I emphasize, not EVERYONE on the list is a manipulator, I have already removed a few names after those users contacted me via IMDb’s message boards and proved that they were not manipulating anything.

If you sort this list in reverse starmeter rankings (http://www.imdb.com/list_____________)?start=1&view=detail&sort=starmeter:desc), you will see IMDb taking action on those that were manipulating the system and sending their starmeter rankings tumbling downwards.

I’m just the Whistleblower.”

If you “send” someone’s Starmeter down, what does that prove? I suggest that all 175 people on the list contact Vhavnal Singh via IMDb’s message board and tell, not ask, to be removed. REMOVE THE ARTICLE TOO! It is their duty to prove manipulation not yours to prove you are innocent!

1. Vhavnal Singh has already admitted – “not EVERYONE on the list is a manipulator”. So why is there even a list like this out there?
2. Vhavnal Singh now is removing names off the list, but you must contact him, IMDb should issue an apology to everyone wrongly accused and terminate the list.
3. Vhavnal Singh should be removed as a content writer…FIRED!!!
4. Vhavnal Singh still has not issued an apology to the innocent parties!

We are almost there. Let’s not let this happen again. Thank you for your support and please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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3 comments on “A Small Victory For VideoViralViews.com, IMDb Admits They Are Guilty
  1. Glenn B. says:

    The guy is plain tunes, he even attacked a 7 year old girl with a rating of 39,000 as if, the guy ought to be banned from IMDb and criminally charged for stalking and bully tactics,, i have filed alreadu

  2. I still believe there is a good law suit here against IMDB mainly for Defamation of Character. Singh is most likely broke because those are the only people who would do something this stupid

  3. John J Joseph says:

    The IMDB list now appears to have been taken down

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