What Exactly Is The #MileHighViralClub by VideoViralViews.com?

The #MileHighViralClub or sometimes called the #ViralMileHighClub is exactly what it sounds like. It was started by VideoViralViews.com on March of 2013, a viral marketing and video seeding company out of Tampa, FL. It is a term that refers to YouTube videos that can or might have the potential of breaking 1 million views. Hence the term, “Mile High”. Very few YouTube videos can make it into this elite club. It is not only about getting 1,000,000 YouTube viral views, but how long it takes you is just as important.

For a YouTube video to go viral….speed is everything. To be in #MileHighViralClub, defined by VideoViralViews.com, your YouTube video must receive 1,000,000 views in under 3 months. An achievement that less than 1% of YouTube videos accomplish. So what do you get if you are are lucky or famous enough make it into the #MileHighViralClub, well only the elite achievers of this club will ever know!

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