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So are you a fan of such famous shows like American Idol, The Voice, and Raise the Wall?  Many television fans watch these shows because they can voice their opinion and vote on new talented musicians.  For many fans, just the fact that their vote means it can make or break someone’s career is what hooks them to these shows.  Now there is an app for Android and Apple that will allow you to vote on music videos while earning FREE gift certificates.  That’s right!  The new TripleVMusic app will allow you to vote while you earn gift certificates from Amazon and iTunes.

TripleVMusic App Let’s You Vote on Music

The free TripleVMusic app might be simply to use, but it is a powerful marketing tool for new independent artists (Indie Music Artists).  The app not only rewards fans, but it helps builds an organic fan base for indie artists.   A music fan that downloads the app will be given four options when voting: Love It, Like It, Dislike It, & Hate It.  The fans that Loved or Liked an artist’s song/video now shoes preference that they might be willing to listen to other songs from this artists, therefore building a “potential fan list”.

Click Here to WAtch Video: How Easy To Use TripleVMusic App (Music Promotions & Music Marketing)

There are many perks for indie artists that want to get their YouTube music videos on the TripleVMusic app.  Some include: your view count going up on your YouTube video, exposure of your song to new music lovers, and an increase of iTunes sales.  It truly is an indie music artists dream come true for music promotions and music marketing.  So far the only disadvantage is price to the artists.  Since the app gives away gift certificates for voting, the more downloads the app receives from Android and Apple, the higher the price to do the artists.  My advice will be to contact them as soon as possible.

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