Music Promotion App – Music Promotion App

Do independent musicians have a new tool that can help them grow their fan base while generating music sales? Well like the old saying, “there’s an app for that!” The newest app to hit the market, TripleVMusic – Music Promotion App, is helping independent artists get more fans, increase music sales, and aiding music industry experts all at the same time.

Music Promotion App

Almost all indie musicians are looking for ways to out shine their competition.  It only takes that one music marketing idea or music promotion to get them exposure and move them onto the viral stage of the world.  TripleVMusic App might just be that idea!  The idea is very simple, reward music lovers with gift certificates from Amazon and iTunes in exchange for voting on indie music YouTube videos.  It’s a win for the music fans and independent musicians.  The fan watches and listening to an average of 30 seconds of a music video and by voting receives points that get them gift certificates.  The fan gets revealed to new music and artists that they may never of heard of while earning them self a nice reward.  The indie artists gets promoted to new music lovers, see’s ratings of what music lovers think of their song, and builds an organic fan base! The best part of the story is that the app is free to download and can be found in the Apple Store (iTunes) and Google Play Store  So my advice to all the indie musicians, artists, and music lovers out there, is take this free music promotion app for a spin today!

TripleVMusic’s Analytics can help indie music artists grow their fans!

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