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Are you addicted to American Idol or The Voice? Do you think you have the music industry scouting skills to find the next Justin Bieber? Do you want to show your friends that you have good taste in music and can predict who the next global music superstar is?  Well TripleVMusic App is putting your skills to the test! TripleVMusic App is the 1st vote on music app that rewards you with gift certificates from iTunes and Amazon for voting.

TripleVMusic is a free music app that can be found on iTunes or Google Play Stores.  Every Thursday, TripleVMusic has new independent musicians otherwise known as indie artists on their New Release Chart.  If the indie artists get enough “Positive Votes” then they move on the next week to their Top 20 Chart.  Once on the Top 20 Chart, the artists will still have to continue to get positive votes stay there, if not they will have to start the whole process all over.  You the judge, are given 4 choices for each music video: Love It +2, Like It +1, Dislike It -1, Hate It -2.  Your votes are calculated in live time so you can see how you will effect the artists ability to make it to any chart that week.

Now you can brag to your friends that you are a better judge than any of the American Idol or The Voice judges!

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