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Are you looking for breaking new music #breakingmusic? Then look no further than the TripleVMusic’s App Top 20 Music Chart and New Release Chart. Your simply not hot if your an indie music artists that has not put your YouTube music video on the TripleVMusic FREE mobile app! This is the 1st mobile app every that rewards music fans for voting on indie music videos. Fans receive gift certificates from iTunes and Amazon simply for voting.

These are the guys you want all your music promotions with. TripleVMusic App is the #1 Rated Music Promotion App on iTunes and Google! They also own TripleVMusic App is allowing music lovers to voice their opinion while being rewarded. TripleVMusic preaches the importance of building your fan base and listening to what fans think of your music. Why waste money and time marketing a song if you know that your fan base does not like it?

TripleVMusic’s voters are from all around the world and range from preteens to the over forty crowd. You must have a smartphone to vote and voters can only vote once on a song. This is to make it fair every week to new crossovers so they have an equal shot to be #1 on the Top 20 Music Chart. Anyone can download the app for FREE: TripleVMusic App in Google Play  or  iTunes Store

Here are some of their breaking new artists, who do you know???

Start Today By Submiting Your Video By Clicking Here!!!

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