Smart USB Badge – NFC & RFID Built in for Trade Shows, Live Events, & Music Concerts

TVM.Bio Inc. is the only company in the world that owns the patents and manufactures the Smart USB Cards. The invention has allowed the development of such revolutionary products as the first ever digital greeting card and the USB Music Card, with the latter going to lead the world’s turn towards physical music yet again. The ​Smart USB Badge can be used for trade shows, live events, or music concerts. We are the only company in the world that manufactures a Smart USB Badge that allows pamphlets, brochures, manuals, marketing materials, websites, etc. to be safely stored on a patented drive that hangs around attendee’s necks.

Smart USB Badge™ is used to store important information and you can carry it anywhere. Smart USB Badges are used as identification device for events and special occasions. The Smart USB Badge stores all the necessary information in order to properly identify and user can store the important data. A Smart USB Badge™ can be used to store a monetary value for small purchases.

Benefits of Smart USB Badge

Smart USB Badge have many benefits, one of them are:

●    Smart USB Badge use encryption and authentication technology. This is more secure than other source of storage. You can carry it on yourself and hang it around on your neck.

●    Protected Storage. It is a secure storage device that stores user’s confidential data and cannot be hacked into via ordinary means. Furthermore, it has security measures in place that will protect the confidential information even after theft.

●    Identification is another benefit of Smart USB badge. It can be used as you ID card for work or any other place where you need to be admitted in.


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