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How did Nicole Westbrook’s – “It’s Thansgiving” go viral?

Many are now asking, “How did Nicole Westbrook’s song, It’s Thanksgiving, go viral on YouTube?” The answer is very simple, video seeding. The initial viral push is of course a trade secret, but everything that follows is right in front

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Nicole Westbrook – It’s Thanksgiving (Official Video) Video Goes Viral

Nicole Westbrook is showing the world that using social media can bring the attention of millions to your YouTube video. All many upcoming independent musicians need is a “break” and the rest can turn into a career. After all, many

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Who Do Record Labels Use To Buy YouTube Views?

It’s no secret that record labels buy YouTube views for their newly released music videos.  The big secret is who do the record labels use to buy YouTube views?  The answer is Video Viral Views .com. is the most

Get Video Views

So your looking to get some views to your video?  The best and most trusted way is to use a viral video marketing firm like   Trying to get views yourself can be very frustrating and in the long

YouTube Marketing – Video Viral

If you are looking for YouTube marketing services or company then look no further, is your answer.  They can help if you want your YouTube video to go viral, get more YouTube views, increase view traffic, increase sales, and/or

Should Indie Artist Buy YouTube Views for Their Music Video?

The question most indie artists (independent artist) ask themselves is, “Should I buy YouTube views for my music video?”  The answer is a very easy one…YES! has been servicing the Buy YouTube Views Industry for over 5 years.  During

YouTube Video Views – Pay Attention!

YouTube video views is defined as the small number that appears at the bottom right hand corner of your YouTube video.  This number represents the amount of people that have viewed your YouTube video whether they are subscribed into their YouTube account

YouTube Launches ‘Marketplace’ to Connect YouTube Stars and Brands

Pairing YouTube Partners With Advertisers and Agencies That Want to Create Viral Buzz Agencies and marketers looking for the perfect YouTube star to appear in a viral video, your job just got easier. At a keynote presentation at VidCon today,

The Secrets to Make a YouTube Video Go Viral

So you recently uploaded a your video to YouTube. Now comes the biggest hurdle ever in your career as an independent musician, comedian, movie producer, entertainer, marketer, entrepreneur, inventor, etc. and that is, “How do I make my YouTube video

Want To See Top Viral Videos Weekly on a Chart?

Many people may want to know what family, friends, and associates are talking about in the viral video world, but don’t know where to turn to. YouTube can be very confusing when trying to find videos that are going viral