Mobile LED Trucks

Deliver your message anywhere anytime with Mobile LED Trucks

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Full Wide Screen Viewing

16ft x 9ft video format maximizes image size without distortion for your viewers. Now you can watch music/sporting events with full wide-screen viewing. Mobile LED Trucks can accept standard signals and digitize the format. Any video signal is compatible. There is a booming 8,000 watt stereo system that will get your message heard for sure.

You want attention, here it is! Mobile LED Trucks are a true mobile LED screen installed onto a retrofitted truck.

A Sponsor’s Best Friend

Don’t just fit Mobile LED Trucks into your budget; use it to attract more sponsors. Whether you’re a local Xmas tree lighting, non-profit event or small-town festival Mobile LED Trucks can work for you. Our services are proven to allow your sponsors maximum exposure while also offering entertainment value.

It’s a giant, outdoor visible TV. It’s Mobile LED Trucks


We have done major events such as:

Corporate Events –  (Pepsico Inc. – Mountain Dew)

Music Events – South by Southwest (SXSW)

Beach Events – Miami South Beach Core DJ Music Conference

Trade Shows – Miami International Car Show


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