VVV Mobile

VideoViralViews.com Mobile Engagement (VVV Mobile):

Our Mission: Use the most up-to-date mobile technology to increase revenues and brand awareness for our clients.

Keep In Mind: It’s 7-10 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

What is VVV Mobile?

We are a visionary company that leverages the most up-to-date mobile technology with customized marketing platforms to bring you extraordinary results. With VVV Mobile, you will gain an unmatched renewal-communication source that will align with your existing systems as well as a smart marketing customer acquisition and retention process.  VideoViralViews.com currently uses VVV Mobile to stay in contact with our VVV Viral Community and distribute videos to them, as a sellable service to our doctors, lawyers, and business owners to help remind their clients and patients for upcoming appointments as well as a marketing tool for them, and as a source of communication for our sellable service of a loyalty and rewards program with redemption codes and points.

We are a mobilized society!

VVV Mobile offers your business the means to create and implement an easily managed loyalty and reward programs. We have simplified the steps; customer data may now be added by the point of sale (POS) terminal, by the web base service or by utilize our card less or card based program; by entering the customer mobile number as an account number. Your customer marketing strategy will increase in a variety of ways. For instance, we offer customizable receipt messages to ensure recurring business and increase of spending. Our services allow you to send out live 2 way messages via SMS and e-mail, allowing you to update and inform your customers of specials events and promotions for slow days. This will increase your sale profit immediately.

With our expertise in marketing, loyalty and the prepaid business we will be able to assist you every step-of-the way to create a program that is both profitable for your business and valuable to your customers.

VVV Mobile is an universal solution for lawyers’ firms, doctors’ practice, or any business where missed appointments can cost you a lot of money, client retention, after hours appointment scheduling.   VVV Mobile can save your business money while increasing your sales.   We are also HIPAA complaint.

Product information:

It’s clear that mobile presence in today’s market plays a major role in the terms of advertising, promotion and interactive communications. With VVV Mobile, you will gain an unmatched renewal-communication source that will align with your existing systems as well as a smart marketing customer acquisition and retention process.

Take out 1 minute of your time to look around; you will see that almost everyone, across all demographic groups has their heads down using their mobile phones; sending text messages, browsing the web, checking emails or in the process of online banking. The US is now a mobile society with 24/7 connectivity and nationwide reach. Simply put, mobile has become one of the most important part of our daily personal and business lives.

Having a website and product on the shelf is great, although the ability for people to communicate in real-time with your brand and customer service team from a mobile device is of up-most importance and is just as important as the website and toll free number itself. Your mobile presence must combine an enjoyable user experience with the best possible representation of your brand.

VVV Mobile delivers a full service solution, providing expert assistance through the many steps required to bring each of your mobile initiatives and marketing programs to a successful launch. VideoViralViews.com’s  team will manage all your needs in the mobile presence; including full compliance with current rules and regulations. However, there is a major difference in creating mobile presence for your brand versus creating a brand / product you can promote and sell on those platforms. A marketing campaign must be created utilizing these mobile channels and creating immediate engagement with your audience.

ROI and Revenue Comes From the Repeated Visit

Whether a customer buys from you once or a hundred times – your initial marketing cost is the same. What you can change is your return on that investment! Every time that customer makes another purchase your profits go up. Smart business owners understand that an incentive is required for your current customers to buy more and for your new customers to come back. Our system allows you to identify and then reward customers to ensure they stay a loyal customer and increase on their overall purchases.

VVV Mobile Loyalty and Rewards Programs

Studies show that customers who belong to a loyalty program visit twice as often and spend four times as much as those who don’t. With our system you can instantly and automatically load rewards on a customer’s account to encourage repeat business.

Knowledge is Power

VVV Mobile offers the power to store all customers’ data, email, phone number and then track their contribution of spending behaviors to your business. With this power any/all business are in the positioned to increase sales because our system gives you the power to create low cost targeted marketing campaigns directed towards loyal customers using email and text messaging.

If your industry has laws or rules that affect your clients, let them know instantly.  Show your clients and patients you care about them by sending them an instant alert directly to their phone.  Be ahead of your competition, show superiority of knowledge, and convey concerns immediately for your business by staying in instant contact with your clients using VVV Mobile.

Terminal, POS or Web Access

Utilize VVV Mobile system via compatible POSA terminals, POS system or via our web terminal.

We can also utilize our powerful API’s to integrate VVV Mobile program into your platform, application or user interface.


Loyalty and Reward Programs

Why should your business implement a Loyalty/Reward Program?

• Consumer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer loyalty card programs

• Companies can increase revenues by almost 50% by retaining 5% of their customers

• Loyalty Programs encourage existing customers to return more often and spend more money

• Loyalty Programs entice new customers to come back

• Customers feel appreciated when offered a reward for spending money at your business

• Participation in Loyalty Programs is up 20% in the past two years

Real Time Transaction Reporting

Use our merchant administration portal to view reward and loyalty transactions in real-time. Detailed transaction reports let you see a wide variety of customer information and habits. You can track usage data and customer behavior to determine the effectiveness of your loyalty programs.

After Hours Scheduling Service & Appointment Reminders

The average business is open 45 hours a week and closed 123 hours.  You are closed 73% of the week!  Don’t let advertising dollars go to waste!  The average consumer does not get home until 6:00 pm when most businesses are already closed.  Allow our VVV Mobile and After Hours Scheduling services to help schedule that appointment for you.  Here’s how After Hours Scheduling works.  A potential client will see your add and decide to call.  Our live answering service will greet your clients by saying, “Thank you for calling YOUR COMPANY NAME, how can I help you?”  We will then place that appointment into pre-determined selected time slots that you have picked using a virtual calendar.  When your staff comes in the next day, you will have a new client waiting for you!

Everyone leaves homes with their car keys, credit cards or money, and cell phones.  There are no more excuses for missing an appointment.  Our VVV Mobile Appointment Reminders can be sent hours or days to your clients and/or patients according to your needs.  Most practices have a 27% no show rate.  Why take the chance when VVV Mobile can reach out to your client or patient in a non-intrusive way to see if there are scheduling issues?  Your time is valuable, don’t waste it!