Why Virool Is a Fake Scam?

Is Virool a fake scam? So everywhere you turn you see Virool.com. You can find their ads on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and the list goes on. What most people don’t realize is that Virool.com has been around since March of 2012. Being in the same viral marketing and video seeding industry, I must say it’s nice to see a “big dog” step up to the plate to take on the other “giants”. So there is no envy here. I’m sure there will be enough scraps left over for us little guys. What I am having a hard time figuring out is why is there no reviews for this company?

I searched for days to find some good news about this powerhouse of viral marketing, but NOTHING! Strange, maybe they need their own viral marketing services? So as I continued down the path thinking that Virool.com must be a scam, all I could find is article after article about Alex Debelov, Virool’s co-founder. Impressive articles about how Virool raised an impressive $6.62 million funding round from an all-star group of investors, including Gmail creator Paul Buchheit, Loopt co-founder Sam Altman and even Lady Gaga’s manager, Troy Carter.

Now, I really started getting worried. Let me break this down for everyone out there, the independent musicians, record labels, artists, actors, actresses, small businesses, and Fortune 500 businesses;
1. Virool has been around for almost a year with no reviews.
2. Only articles I can find is about how much money they RAISED, not made.
3. Not 1,000, not 100, not 10 comments, reviews, or raves about Virool?
4. They state their prices start as low as $10, but what does that really tell you or further more going to do for you?
5. Is this how a multi-million dollar company gets out there? Throw more money in marketing and advertising until enough suckers are talking about it or gives in and try it?

Well this is just my opinion, but wait. Then all of a sudden one of my clients sent me over this article they found. Was I right?

“I haven’t tried _____________ but I did try Virool.com

It’s quite lame and I’m convinced the traffic is not real. Minimum cost of 4 cents per view. They claim to post your video on various blogs and other sites but All views come from virool.com (according to YouTube Analytics).. I blew threw $10 in 1 hour. I received an Impression to view ratio of 27.96% which is just ridiculous and says cheating/spamming to me! There is no way 27.96% of real people who saw my video thumbnail would click through to watch. When I do advertising via YouTube adwords my CTR is less than 1%.”

That was just one article sent over, then there was this!

“Virool – Thief Lost $5,000 from Scam Artist”

They claim they can get your video at a low cost 0.04 cents per view.I spent $5,000 to try to get my views up.

When that happened YouTube flagged my video.I posted the video a week ago and I asked the company for a refund. What there answer was no we don’t care if your video gets flagged on YouTube. If you have any common sense avoid this company so you don’t get your YouTube video flagged..I made the purchase on 2/17/2012 and my video was flagged and taken down on 2/20/2013/.

Please avoid this company at all cost.

Ahhhh, do I feel better? Yes, the truth shall set you free! My Dad always told me, “Son, sometimes in life it’s not what you know, but it’s what you don’t know that can help you make the best decisions.” I didn’t know what was out there (Virool), but something told me I didn’t know enough to believe the hype.

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5 comments on “Why Virool Is a Fake Scam?
  1. If you look at the Alexa rank of Virool, you will see that the website gets quite a bit of traffic. There is actually 1M people that view videos through Virool network everyday. Yes, there are customers who spend $10, but there are also renowned brands like Intel, Colgate, Expedia that spend over $300k promoting campaigns.

    Before, you make any claims, please do your research.

    • VideoViralViews says:

      Mr. Debelov,
      first of all, let me thank you for responding and defending the integrity of your company, Virool. Being an entrepreneur myself, I have the highest level of respect of how difficult it can be to please everyone.

      Secondly, the comment you wrote enforces exactly what the article I wrote states. Some people think you can throw money at any problem and fix it. You basically said, your $10 client is worthless to you, but your $300K plus clients are seeing great results? My response to that comment is, even marketing has economies of scale. I’m just suggesting maybe a response to your $10 or $5,000 client’s unsatisfactory opinions of your product and services could of made Virool look better? I wonder if Intel, Colgate, and Expedia would cherish your response to this article? Forgetting about the little guy is not something I believe they built their businesses on.

      Lastly, you asked me to “do your research”. I did my research and this was the results. Again, the article was based on facts. I always suggest everyone conduct their own due diligence and “buyer beware”. I’m not making claims, i’m stating the facts along with my opinion. Your current and future potential clients will be the true deciders. Thank you again Alex Debelov – co-founder of Virool.com for your response.

  2. Shaniece says:

    i just hope they pay me as a publisher because i have sent them 10 emails asking them questions about my account such as i was needing help with integrating the html virool offer wall into my website an they did not respond i called the number on there website an the they picked up an hanged the phone up once an then when someone did answer it sounded like some teenager kid he said hi this is virool how can i help you i asked him 3 different questions one was mainly how long will it take after i request my paypal withdrawal for the money too show up in my paypal account an he kept saying he did not know as if he did not even work for virool like this dude was a very unprofessional customer service representative

  3. Joe says:

    I couldn’t agree more. Something is totally fishy here. I also looked for reviews and found nothing. My friend (who I just forwarded this article to) spent $800 dollars on Virool and received over 12,000 views, but he received not one thumbs up or down or comment on the video, which is a tell-tale sign that they are fake views. And his video’s are professionally edited and professionally written… so something is up here. He wrote them an email informing them of his concern and as of yet (6 days ago)… he hasn’t received any response from them. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and walks like a duck… it might be Virool…

  4. Nick says:

    I have written a full review on virool. From the first time I saw their ad to the time PayPal refunded my money. Just click on my name and check it out. THEY are still operating!! Get the word out! BTW nice article! You guys should join my forum, there might be some filmmakers their wanting your service.

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