#1 – IMDB Allowing Paid Customers To Endure Cyberbullying, & Cyberstalking

Posted By: Media Publist – Posted On: March 17, 2013 Updated On: March 19, 2013

IMDB Allowing customer support, and abuse is allowing paid customers to endure Cyberbullying, & Cyberstalking

In an attempt to stop such harassment, lies, defamation, against … The kids on imdb, their families, their careers, I submit this report for review just to show you how bad this situation is! After numerous attempts to stop this malicious behavior, we wanted to share this info with you in hopes no one will ever be treated this way again on a public site we all pay to have our resume on…. Oh and let me add, several attempts to customer support help desk, to reporting using abuse links, sending the info to the top people, who said it would be taken care of, it’s also been reported to website host of imdb. All the info has been saved, and we can supply if needed. This list surfaced once before… And it got removed. The problem is, every complaint you send in, the contributors seem to know about them, before you do, and then they don’t respond to you, it’s been 2 days with no response from imdb support…

The Executive Producer of Skookum became a victim in a series of attacks surrounding a post that surfaced several days ago, at first glance her team noticed some of Skookum 2013 movies cast, and crew being bashed. Soon there after her named surfaced attached to this list.

Keep in mind this one is only Executive Producer on this film, furthermore she donated to the popular indeigogo campaign to make this film possible, she loved the pitch, and summary of it, and made donation. She has never met any of the people attached to the film, only to speak to Jack Skyylar very briefly through messages pertaining to other campaigns, that’s it.

The attacks on imdb started with this contributor, user name Vhavnal, after research his full name is Vhavnal Singh, from Fiji. Here’s the list, with several kids, teenagers, and adults attached… http://www.imdb.com/____________ (Removed to protect the innocent and not give Vhavnal Singh his 5 minutes of fame), We view this situation as criminal, and it should of already been taking care of. Offenses that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as Internet (Chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups) and mobile phones (SMS/MMS)”. Such crimes may threaten a nation’s security and financial health. Issues surrounding this type of crime have become high-profile, particularly those surrounding cracking, copyright infringement, child pornography, and child grooming. There are also problems of privacy when confidential information is lost or intercepted, lawfully or otherwise.

Manuals to educate the public, teachers and parents summarize, “Cyberbullying is being cruel to others by sending or posting harmful material using a cell phone or the internet.” Research, legislation and education in the field are ongoing. Basic definitions and guidelines to help recognize and cope with what is regarded as abuse of electronic communications have been identified.

Cyberbullying involves repeated behavior with intent to harm and repeated nature
Cyberbullying is perpetrated through Harassment, Cyberstalking, Denigration (sending or posting cruel rumors and falsehoods to damage reputation and friendships), Impersonation, Exclusion (intentionally and cruelly excluding someone from an online group) Cyberbullying can be as simple as continuing to send e-mails or text messages harassing someone who has said they want no further contact with the sender. It may also include public actions such as repeated threats, sexual remarks, pejorative labels (i.e., hate speech) or defamatory false accusations), ganging up on a victim by making the person the subject of ridicule in online forums, hacking into or vandalizing sites about a person, and posting false statements as fact aimed a discrediting or humiliating a targeted person.

Cyberbullying could be limited to posting rumors about a person on the internet with the intention of bringing about hatred in others’ minds or convincing others to dislike or participate in online denigration of a target. It may go to the extent of personally identifying victims of crime and publishing materials severely defaming or humiliating them.

Cyberbullies may disclose victims’ personal data (e.g. real name, home address, or workplace/schools) at websites or forums or may use impersonation, creating fake accounts, comments or sites posing as their target for the purpose of publishing material in their name that defames, discredits or ridicules them. This can leave the cyberbully anonymous which can make it difficult for the offender to be caught or punished for their behavior. Though, not all cyberbullies use anonymity. Text or instant messages and emails between friends can also be cyberbullying if what is said or displayed is hurtful to the participants.

Some cyberbullies may also send threatening and harassing emails, instant messages or texts to the victims. Others post rumors or gossip and instigate others to dislike and gang up on the target. Cyberbullying has subsequently been defined as “when the Internet, cell phones or other devices are used to send or post text or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person”. Other researchers use similar language to describe the phenomenon.

Keep in mind through all this the heading to the post that started this… Why because… The actually work of an Executive Producer, and the rest of the work she does, a star meter clearly has not one thing to do with this work, and she is not even an actress,, etc… Reports have came in, from others, one we got, stated they have been harassed for 6 months on there… Another report was to the fact that this user has 200 fake email accounts, and uses the different ones to make it seem like numerous ppl are attacking. Another abuser by the name of Alan Smith, is Abusing, still to this day, after warnings, and cease letters have been posted, so by law it’s at stalking level. This is so not right, these ppl going about their own business, and wham, this attack surfaced, and started heating up. I have every copy of stuff from the beginning of this, all attacks, etc. we all deserve a public apology, and also these people need to be stopped!

And I forgot to mention, it just so happens when the first attempt to report abuse, rust a few minutes later someone got into the inbox, and removed messages. How is that legal?… But screen copies had done been saved…. We all are professionals in everything we do. this is so unprofessional! Please help stop the terrorizing work of these people.

If anyone needs the evidence to all this please feel free to contact me, we have alot! I couldn’t even consider posting such cruel attacks, remarks, etc. on here.

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Vhavnal Singh’s 5 minutes of fame

Date of birth:29 – 12 – 1985
Home location: Lautoka, Western Division, Fiji
Mobile:679 9912957
All public information provided by Vhavnal Singh himself

Vhavnal Singh is really a nobody. He is trying to get his 5 minutes of fame by dafaming others with no proof. He claims “I’am a former Wikipedian Contributor”, there is no proof he EVER did any work for Wikipedia. IMDb is going to be in for a rude awakening when they get sued for letting Vhavnal defame IMDB users without proof.

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18 comments on “#1 – IMDB Allowing Paid Customers To Endure Cyberbullying, & Cyberstalking
  1. This guy is a no good SOB that attacks people and kids, it is called bullying and internet stalking and must be stopped, he has done this repeatedly to many people and kids especially some being as young as 5. His tactics are bad and to say the least criminal in nature.

  2. Hi Roger,

    I did notice this jackass and his list but living where he does doesn’t seem to bother IMDB I guess the next move is to hit IMDB where it counts in court. I myself am surprised that they are not doing anything about this makes them seem not very carring or professional. I myself am giving serious consideration of not renewing with them wonder if the 175 others did that if it may get there attention. My 60 minutes would like to crawl up there ass and see what happens? Keep me in touch of whats going on. What gets me I’m not even in the top 5000

  3. He’s whining about some girls dad producing a movie she’s in wait a minute that’s how most of the kids got to be adult stars because of there parents isn’t that right Jennifer, or Charlie Sheen he’s an idiot.

  4. Ben Leasure says:

    He has a right to accuse as he pleases, falsely or not. He incorrectly cites and assesses the alogirithms that create the starmeter. It’s mixing many things including FB likes and general traffic. If you self promote online, your starmeter will go up. It may be shameless but it’s not manipulation. Nor is it slander, decimation of character, or a false accusation – like our friends’ hate list.

  5. Everyone should do a class action lawsuit against IMDb. This will be the only way to teach them a lesson. Remember the actress who sued them after IMDb released her age?

    IMDb needs to be taken down. They are allowing paid customers to be harassed and victimized. My wife cancelled her account.

    IMDb does not make someone famous. They are suppose to report what an actor/actress/film does. Not, harass people. Or allow them to be harassed.

    Jonathon The Impaler Sharkey

    • VideoViralViews says:

      I agree Jonathon. I believe IMDB has over stepped their boundaries by “black listing” innocent people. Are these actors, actresses, producers, etc. not supposed to promote themselves? As a viral marketing and video seeding company, VideoViralViews.com is used throughout Hollywood and we are well known for making people famous, increasing movie ticket sales, and bringing attention to important topics (like this one), something that IMDB does not do! Most people we have contacted didn’t even know this list existed and their name was on it. Don’t allow IMDB to cyber bully you. Now that you and others know, we will get to see how IMDB handles the situation.

      IMDB needs to stick to reporting what people of Hollywood have accomplished and not “black list” innocent people!

  6. We need to talk. You know I live in Tampa. My office is by Busch Gardens. Email me – jonathontheimpaler@yahoo.com so we can set up a meeting.

  7. Oz says:

    Its funny how you claim cyber bullying and yet this site is KNOWN for people getting their starmeter boosted for a Lumpsum > http://videoviralviews.com/products/starmeter/

    There is no cyber bullying, its a FACTUAL list of people who are the victims of their own creation, paying sites like this to boost their rankings and then crying that they are being stalked. Pathetic indeed.

    • VideoViralViews says:

      Oz, let me ask one simple question…Why is it wrong for an actor, actress, producer, writer, manager, and/or talent agency to spend their own hard earned money to advertise themselves or their clients? This is helping IMDB’s traffic ratings and Pay Per Click for their advertisers. They are there to report, not to judge.

      Common sense just seems to be lacking everywhere today! Oz, I approved your “Comment” because I believe in freedom of speech, just like I believe in freedom of choice. I didn’t “black list” you because of your opinion. You caused no harm expressing your thought on this subject. These individuals should have the choice, even right, to market themselves without being “black listed”.

      Please Oz, explain the pain and suffering you have endured because of their right to achieve the American Dream of success. I will be waiting to approve the comment with this list of the pain and suffering you have endured along with the answer to the first question once you respond.

      • VideoViralViews says:

        As usual, all I see here is your opinion. Please do not comment anymore. I asked 2 simple questions and you have not answered either. What pain and suffering have you endured because of this and why is it wrong for these people to advertise themselves?

        As far as your comment about “outing someone”, Vhavnal Singh put that information out there as public information. Learn to read, I put that under his picture. The information I had provided is true. The information Vhavnal has provided is all accusations.

  8. Adam Lewis says:

    Jonathon Sharkey, Michael Cahill, Krysti Jones, Brannan Etc……you are all just kicking and screaming because your paid service to have your IMDb starmeters increased has come crashing down and your ruse exposed. Its hilarious LOL

    The more you protest, the guiltier you look. The more you scream, the guiltier you look.

    And the fact you are all whining on THIS website only serves to expose your guilt all the more HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Paige says:

    Imdb has the worst customer service ever! They will never address this issue. People go in and remove legit credits and they let them and after paying for movie posters imdb takes them down and keeps the money anyway.

    This guy spending so much of his time attacking people is ridiculous and surely imdb can step up at least once

  10. Sheri Roark says:

    Hi… Good Evening! And Thank YOU so much for taking a stand, & posting this. I’m not sure who did it, but I personally thank its amazing! It is an absolute shame that people have to be victims of such behavior allowed… Let me add to this, there’s still a lot going on. I have records of it all, all abuse complaints, slander, harassment, and others are speaking out to, who have fell victims to this madness of Terrorizing Trolls, the AyeLewisTheRoadWarrior, and the Timmian_mk_4 are the same person, lol… It’s pathetic. There’s proof that they have numerous stalking fictional character names, making it look like tons of people are attacking someone… Sick twisted minds of some! I mean who in their right mind would spend 16 hrs straight terrorizing normal, professional people that are indeed making an impact… And it’s gotten a lot worse, breaking into accounts, getting personal info, attacking innocent children. Where is any integrity, professional customer support, to the paid pro customers? This site is allowing this knowing everything that is going on… That’s awful, I don’t think kids belong on there, nor professionals at that. Go take a look at the malicious slandering attacks that they are allowing on Ms. Jones paid pro page, we have been responding for her, due to the attacks, and defamation of character, when everyone already knows how professional, and amazing she is. If that’s not allowing terrorism on yet again paid customers, then what the hell do you call it? We have never even heard of a Troll before, the toys with crazy hair, etc… Lol! But this whole crew has NEVER had to deal with so etching like this… For this types of treatment, this site should of been shut down a long time ago, a lot with power, and control trips… But they are never to powerful not to get shut down, believe that! I actually wish someone would force a review of all the user names, and make public, since these complete strangers have access to everyone else’s accounts… That little girl, and the extreme attack on her dad, was horrible also! It’s quite obvious this is serial terrorism, regardless if those trolls want to admit how evil they are! If you would like, we have a lot more evidence if it will help anyone at all to bring the scum down! Thanks again, and you are amazing for grabbing this! Many Blessings heading your way! I’m glad we have a voice here to be heard without being terrorized every time! Wake up public, this is real!

  11. Julian says:

    He has broken the Code of Conduct on IMDB and should be banned and his lists taken down

    “4. User Conduct
    The Site may contain bulletin board services, news groups, social media functionality, forums and/or other message or communication facilities (“Communication Services”) designed to enable you to communicate with others. You agree to use the Communication Services only to submit or post messages and material that are proper and, when applicable, related to the particular Communication Service. You are also prohibited from submitting to, posting on or transmitting through IMDb.com any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit, profane, hateful, racially, ethnically, or otherwise objectionable material of any kind, including but not limited to any material that encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law. Content that consists of or contains software viruses, political campaigning, commercial solicitation, chain letters, mass mailings, or any form of “spam” is prohibited. You may not use a false e-mail address, impersonate any person or entity, or otherwise mislead as to the origin of your posted content.
    Any opinions, advice, statements, services, offers, or other information that constitutes part of the content expressed or made available by third parties are those of the respective authors or distributors and not of IMDb nor its affiliates, nor any of their officers, directors, employees, or agents. You acknowledge that IMDb does not pre-screen all content, but that IMDb and its designees shall have the right (but not the obligation) in their sole discretion to refuse or move any content that is available via the Communication Services. Without limiting the foregoing, IMDb and its designees shall have the right to remove any content that violates this Agreement or is otherwise objectionable. You specifically agree that IMDb is not responsible for any content sent using and/or included in the Site by any third party.”

  12. Glenn J. says:

    That guy was a idiot, i actually charged him with criminal cyber buullying, and guess what, they filed it because it was against a 7 year old girl,, and just think, if you looked at her movies and what she is doing, actually deserved to be there but it is evident he could not stand people actually ( a little girl) being above him, that Chalet Brannan is a very working little lady, and i think she deserved to be there, but at any rate,, glad IMDB finally got enough of people yelling at them and saw the error of there ways via lawsuits tooo,,,,

  13. Rina says:

    This individual seem to have a problem with the entertainment industry using IMBD as a promotional tool. Is he paid by agencies, managers or PR of so called top movers and shakers who are afraid of someone taking their spot. Is he jealous of people moving forward?

  14. Rina says:

    Also, IMDB actor rating is not only dependent on the success of the project. Each individual actor can have their own popularity through promotions. Isn’t that why it is called a star meter?
    He states in his post that he removed names of actors that proved themselves to him and who is he to demand proof? This is definitely bullying. We promote our client’s links all the time. Many of the actors on the list probably has publicists working with them. I bet half of the actors on this list and their publicists doesn’t know they are on the list. But the damage is already done and Mr. Singh should be held accountable.

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