Challenge to Intel, Colgate, Expedia that Spend Over $300k Promoting Viral Marketing Campaigns

This is a challenge to Intel, Colgate, Expedia that supposedly spent over $300k promoting viral campaigns with Virool. I’ll make this short and sweet from the offices of Alexander Debelov, co-founder of Virool, allegedly responded to an article about the credibility of Virool (

“If you look at the Alexa rank of Virool, you will see that the website gets quite a bit of traffic. There is actually 1M people that view videos through Virool network everyday. Yes, there are customers who spend $10, but there are also renowned brands like Intel, Colgate, Expedia that spend over $300k promoting campaigns.”

Before, you make any claims, please do your research.

I would imagine that any of the officers of these three companies; Intel, Colgate, and Expedia would be offended by Mr. Debelov’s comment. Please read the whole article so you can fully understand Mr. Debelov’s point of view. I would love to hear your marketing departments and/or public relations responses to this. Furthermore, I would challenge you to spend a fraction of what Mr. Debelov is claiming you spent with Virool, with us at, for a viral marketing campaign that gives real results! Plus the President of cares about all his clients even if they spend just $10.

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