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Buy Discord Messages

If you are having trouble getting your Discord projects to gain traction or looking to expand your Discord community, organic growth can be a frustrating process. The direct message feature within Discord is one of the best ways to attract attention to your server; however, if you are new to the platform or still growing your server, it can take years to build a community.

Thankfully, there is a cost-effective alternative that takes far less time than growing your server organically. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of buying Discord direct messages and how our solution can safely and effectively draw attention to your Discord projects.

What is Discord?

Discord is a free platform offering voice, video, and text to build online communities. Currently, the app has over 150 million active monthly users, doubling since December 2019. In addition, each day, over 850 million Discord direct messages are sent on the platform. Discord has become extremely popular in the open-source software and online gaming community because it’s one of the most accessible social media engagement websites. Users can easily send direct Discord messages or post messages on the chat interface.

buy discord messages

The Importance of Discord Direct Messages

Discord DMs or direct messages are one of the critical forms of communication on the platform. Talking directly to other users outside your network is a failsafe way to build an engaged community on Discord.

Generate attention to projects

Reaching out to active users on Discord through direct message is the first step in building your server. Interacting with other users will create the attention your project needs to get off the ground.

Grow your business

Promoting your business through Discord direct messages is a form of highly targeted marketing. Other platforms send your ad to users who may not be interested or belong to your niche. Choosing Discord servers to target allows you to optimize ad spends and reach your market at a reasonable price.

Build Discord Community

Direct messages feel personal and can create the foundation you need to build a Discord community. Reaching out directly establishes a connection with other users that could become members of your community, collaborators, or loyal customers. Discord’s social media platform is gaining in popularity because of the ability to build community. Unlike other social media apps, Discord servers offer multiple means of communication promoting collaboration and engagement.

Does Buying Discord Messages Work?

Direct messages are the best way to increase your Discord’s member count. We’ve helped hundreds of clients grow their Discord server through our social media tools and innovative process. Writing out individual messages yourself will help increase your server membership but monetizing with our system will expedite the process exponentially.

buy discord bulk messages

The Benefits of Buying Discord Messages

Buying Discord direct messages is a targeted, cost-effective way to advertise your business or gain attention to your project.

Save Time

Why waste time writing out individual messages and sending them yourself when you can automate the process. When you buy Discord direct messages, you can still personalize the messages, but you will reach tens of thousands of users in just a few days.

Implementing a proven marketing strategy that targets users already in your niche allows you to focus on improving your project and engaging with your existing community.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Not only can organic growth take months, if not years, but it is also an expensive strategy. Most projects or businesses don’t have the luxury of waiting to gain traction.When you buy direct message services, you will see results instantly, and it won’t be as expensive in the long run. Purchasing direct messages is more affordable and reliable than waiting for users to find your project organically.

Build a Real Community

Buying direct messages allows you to build a community on your server overnight. The appeal of the Discord network is community engagement centered around a common interest. Once you’ve created a loyal following, more attention will be on your project.

Why Buy Discord Direct Messages from Video Viral Views?

We are a trusted social media growth agency that thousands of users across many platforms have used. We understand how Discord works and how users interact on the app.Video Viral Views is dedicated to helping Discord users grow their server community. We believe the platform is one of the most exciting new apps and have devoted an immense amount of time helping our clients convert direct messages into Discord members.

Can you Buy Discord Direct Messages Without an Engaged Community?

If you have a significant project and Discord server, but the community is not active in the chat, you can still benefit from buying Discord messages from Video Viral Views. One of the more beneficial aspects of Discord direct messages services from Video Viral Views is that you don’t need an existing community. Other social media marketing tools will allow you to purchase direct messages and invite users to your server, but it is useless if you don’t already have a following.

With Video Viral Views, we will join your server, talk to other users, learn more about your project and ask real questions about the project. In addition, we will hype the project to other community members, increasing its value. All members will be from high-quality, genuine profiles run by humans, not bots used! Your server will be an engaging, active environment before you invite new users outside the community, increasing your validity on Discord and their chances of joining.

Does the Video Viral Views Use Bots?

Every Discord account that joins your server is 100% controlled by humans. Your new members will physically type out messages. Other server members will see they are typing and interacting in the chat. We never copy and paste messages because human interaction provides an authentic user experience.

  Buy real discord messages

How Does Video Viral Views work?

One of the reasons Video Viral Views is so effective is our tried-and-true process. We’ve developed this unique growth strategy for optimal results after helping countless clients succeed on Discord.

Video Viral Views Will Research your Project and Server Content

First, we will conduct exhaustive research into your project, business, existing community, and Discord server. Once we are informed of your subject manner, we will begin interacting on the server.

We Engage Directly On Your Server

Many of our clients don’t have an existing community, and it is critical to create engagement before we send direct messages.So whether you have an active community or are just starting on the platform, we will join your server to increase engagement.

Around 10 to 20 members will join your Discord server and interact with other community members to increase engagement.Video Viral Views uses authentic, realistic Discord accounts in chat, and we don’t ever copy and paste responses. Your community will see the messages being typed out in real-time.

Target Discord Members Outside your Network

Once the engagement level on your server is in a place that will be favorable to users outside your network, we begin to send direct messages.You will choose how many Discord direct messages you want to send, the target servers, and the custom message on the order page.

Grow Your Server With an Invitation Link

We also ask for an invitation link to your server, so users we message can join. Please include instructions next to the invite link if you have any special notes for your order.

Direct Messages Are Sent Out

Finally, we send your DMs to users in the servers you choose to target. We will send out messages over the next couple of days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Buying Discord messages is the most effective, cost-effective, and fastest way to grow your Discord server and build a passionate community around your project.


Buying Discord messages from Video Viral Views is extremely affordable, especially if you consider the time it takes to grow a server organically.


Yes! We use real Real and Organic Growth Discord accounts with authentic-looking profiles to attract users to your server. Video Viral Views has helped hundreds of clients grow their servers by sending direct messages on Discord.

We are a cost-effective solution that will save you valuable time growing your server. In addition, we utilize a unique strategy that consists of boosting engagement on your server before sending DMs.

Video Viral Views is a highly trusted social media growth platform. We have experience growing accounts across dozens of social media apps and have helped countless users build loyal communities online.

We allow you to enter a custom message on the product page. When we interact with community members on your server, we do not just copy pasting the messages. But we type the messages by hand to keep the engagement as authentic as possible.


Once you’ve gone through the payment process, please allow 1-2 days for your messages to be sent to other Discord users.

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    Excellent Customer Support

    You can find all the answers to all of your questions about our social media services in a fast way. Live and fast support for everyone!
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