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Our Achievements

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Buy LinkedIn Shares

The importance of LinkedIn Shares lies in the value of reaching as many people as possible with a relevant and influential message. First and foremost, each and every LinkedIn Share you equates to a significantly larger audience of people gaining access to your content. Secondly, the number of times any given post is Shared has a direct impact on its perceived value and authority.

If all this wasn’t enough, LinkedIn’s very own algorithms take into account social signals like Shares, when deciding which posts to promote. Hence, it isn’t difficult to understand why so many businesses and professionals alike now buy LinkedIn Shares, rather than waiting for them to accumulate organically.

buy real linkedin shares

Who Needs LinkedIn Shares?

The primary argument among those who buy LinkedIn Post Shares is relatively simple. Every hour of every day, millions of new posts find their way onto LinkedIn. The vast majority of which simply disappear into the ether, without every reaching a viable target audience.

Now, consider what would happen if you were to buy LinkedIn Shares in significant quantities, right after publishing a post. Rather than exposing your content exclusively to those within your immediate network, each and every Share you buy propels it to a much wider audience.

Think about it – you buy 50 LinkedIn Shares for a post, each of these Shares results in additional Shares and the chain-reaction continues. Depending on the quality and relevance of the post, you’ve every chance of reaching hundreds, thousands or even millions of LinkedIn users in a short space of time. Not to mention, for a surprisingly affordable price.

buy linkedin post shares

Why Buy LinkedIn Shares?

As for whether or not it makes sense to buy LinkedIn Shares, you need only consider the competition you’re up against. With hundreds of millions of businesses and professionals all competing for the same attention, it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to make your voice heard.

Now, it’s worth remembering at this stage that all the Shares (and social signals in general) in the world make absolutely no difference to the quality or content of the posts you publish. Ultimately, it’s up to you to ensure that the content you share sends the right message.

When you buy Shares on LinkedIn, you simply ensure your message reaches as many people as possible. Exactly as would be the case with any other social media marketing strategy, wherein the objective is to reach and influence the widest possible audience.

Waiting for your posts to be Shared organically is an option, but there are no guarantees it’s going to happen. Particularly in the early hours and days after publishing, there’s every chance your post will simply sit on the side-lines and go entirely overlooked. If you’d prefer to ensure it reaches as many potential readers as possible, it simply makes sense to buy LinkedIn Shares and spread the word far and wide.

Is it Safe to Buy LinkedIn Shares?

It’s natural to have reservations if you decide to buy LinkedIn Shares, as these are the kinds of promotional tactics that are best kept a discreet. The good news being that as long as you stick exclusively with high quality LinkedIn Shares – i.e. those sourced exclusively from active and authentic LinkedIn accounts – the whole thing really couldn’t be safer.

Quality LinkedIn Shares are 100% undetectable from the real thing, because in a technical sense at least, they are real. As for the ethical argument of the whole thing, it’s worth remembering that all you’re doing is paying to distribute your content to the widest possible audience on LinkedIn. Hence, it’s no different from most social media marketing strategies – it’s just a far simpler and more affordable way of achieving the same result.

At Video Viral Views, we’ve perfected the art of delivering superior quality social signals at unbeatable prices. We exclusively provide 100% real LinkedIn Shares from active and authentic accounts, available in any quantity required. Our most popular packages of LinkedIn Shares with approximate delivery times are as follows:

  • 100 LinkedIn Shares delivered within 6-8 working days
  • 250 LinkedIn Shares delivered within 8-12 working days
  • 500 LinkedIn Shares delivered within 12-16 working days

With more than 50000 satisfied customers under our belt, we know what it takes to get the job done on competitive platforms like LinkedIn.

Does Buying LinkedIn Shares Actually Work?

When you think about it, LinkedIn Shares are social signals at their absolute simplest. Whereas Likes, Comments and so on are all about enhancing the appeal of a post’s content, Shares are primarily about reaching as many people as possible. Shares can also paint a picture of credibility and authority, but focus primarily on mass distribution and spreading the word.

As previously touched upon, it’s important to remember that all the Shares in the world are not going to make up for a content that lacks relevance, value and credibility. Shares are simply about giving your content the opportunity to reach as many potential readers as possible. After which, it’s down to their quality to do the talking. For more information or to discuss placing an order for LinkedIn Shares, chat with a member of the team at Video Viral Views anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the following FAQ for a concise overview of select questions and answers, covering how and why you should buy LinkedIn Shares for your most prominent posts:
The short answer is yes, but it depends entirely on how and where you buy them. Staying safe means sticking exclusively with 100% real LinkedIn Shares from a trusted seller.


Simply indicate how many Shares you would like to purchase and which of your posts you would like promoted, after which we’ll take care of the rest on your behalf.


We usually begin the process of sharing LinkedIn posts within the first 24 hours, completing the process over the next couple of days to maintain authenticity.


Prices vary in accordance with the size and complexity of the order, though our 100% real LinkedIn Shares are available from as little as $15.00.


By real, we mean that each and every Share is sourced exclusively from an active and authentic LinkedIn account with a real human owner. Hence, 100% safe promotion for your LinkedIn posts.

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    Excellent Customer Support

    You can find all the answers to all of your questions about our social media services in a fast way. Live and fast support for everyone!
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