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Buy Podcast Downloads

Buy podcast downloads from Video Viral Views, for the chance to enhance the impact and appeal of your podcasts at an affordable price

buy podcast downloads

What Is a Podcast?

A podcast is a form of audio broadcasting on the world wide web. It can be listened to as you go about your day to day life, anywhere in the world, while commuting to office or even while working. It’s a medium that doesn’t require your target audience’s full attention like a video or a blog post.

Podcasting is high in demand. According to Edison Research and Triton Digital, podcast listening has been on the rise every year since it first started.

Why do Businesses need a podcast?

Podcasts use an audio file to share information through computers or portable music devices such as MP3 players. A brand or businesses use podcasts for a variety of purposes, including sharing information about new products, company information, or general information related to the industry. Incorporating podcasts into your marketing plan offers numerous benefits to the company. Why let potential customers search for information about a product or business when they can hear everything they need on your podcast.

Why Buy Podcast Downloads?

Download are an important metric for your podcast. They tell you, and everyone else, just how popular your podcast is and that is important. Why? Because the more popular a podcast is, the more likely someone will want to advertise on your site and that is the main way of making money through podcasting. It is the reason to buy podcast downloads.

Is It Possible to Buy Podcast Downloads?

Yes it is, and the great thing is that it is impossible for anyone to tell how many of your podcast downloads have been actioned organically, i.e. real podcast downloads, and how many have been bought, so there is nothing to worry about.

There are, however , a few things to make sure of before you buy your podcast downloads. The most important thing is to ensure that your podcast downloads are split between all your episodes fairly evenly so that they look as if they are happening organically. It doesn’t matter how many episodes you have, consistency is the key.

buy apple podcast downloads

Running A Successful Podcast

Podcasts are as varied as the people that create them. There are excellent podcasts about history, pop-culture, science, and everything in between. The only limit to what you can do with a podcast is your own imagination.

But start by asking your yourself, “Why am I starting a podcast?” and “What is my podcast about? “Once you’ve answered those questions, you can begin, and the rest of the concept will fall into place.

The goals of each podcast are also as varied as the podcast hosts. You might be trying to generate leads for a business, trying to gain recognition as a leader in a certain sector, perhaps you want to share an important message or talk about something that you are passionate about. Maybe you just want to have fun.

Optimum podcast length

Don’t let anyone ever tell you there is an optimal length for a podcast episode. There is no right or wrong way of doing things, use whichever best fits your style, its a win win situation. You’ll find that there are shows that run under half an hour per episode, some that average 2 hours per episode, and even some with episodes as long as audiobooks.

Your podcast should be as long as it needs to be. Period! all that matters is that it is a great show. That said, every podcast can be improve with careful editing, so play it smart regarding cutting out rambling segments, less than engaging content, and parts of the episode that don’t add much value to the listener.

Engagement is the goal, and if you’re producing high quality, accessible content, you can be sure that people will keep listening to your podcast.

buy itunes podcast downloads

Other Things to Consider

Being an audible medium, sound quality is key so make sure you use good quality microphones and recording equipment. There are also plenty of podcast apps to help you create.

Also give some thought to when you wish to air your podcast, its start time and duration. Do you want to put out regular, short episodes or longer ones less often? Also, work out a rough script for each episode and once you have it written, try to stick to it.

Set up a website so you can promote the show via a link or url and let people know when a new episode is available.

And of course, don’t ignore all of the usual forms of social media marketing and try to get mentioned on a podcast list, or two, if you can.

Get Connected

Podcasting isn’t a one way street, you may be broadcasting to the world but making other connections with the audience and other podcasters is useful too. Find out from your existing audience what they enjoy most and use that feedback to build your new audience.

As people discover you, some of them will be podcasters too, aim to mke them your friends. Even if your subject matter is not the same, you will have shared experiences of recording and technical aspects to discuss and then you can find a way of cross promoting each others work.

Get Listed

Once you have your first episode recorded and edited, it is time to get it marketed and listed. There are plenty of places to get your podcast featured, Apple Podcast and Spotify (especially suitable for music) are perhaps the best known but there are plenty of others such as Google Podcast and Stitcher to upload to.

The bigger the site you can get listed on, the easier it is for potential listeners to carry out a successful search for you.

Keeping The Momentum Going

And once you have all these factors in place, all you have to do is keep the ball rolling. Create more content, more episodes, build you brand and draw in more listeners, and whilst you are doing this to garner the organic interest, buy more podcast downloads to help things along.

Use an RSS feed to help people access your podcast and embrace all and any podcast advertising that will help you get noticed. You don’t have to cross your fingers and hope for the best, technology is on your side, embrace it.

As more people listen to your podcast and your success increases, you will soon find that you have become a fully fledged media host.

Why us?

MediaMister is one of the oldest and best-established businesses dealing in social media enhancement and booster packages and we have built up a positive reputation supporting brands and individuals looking to raise their profile and increase their popularity. At MediaMister we have helped thousands of podcasters to grow their reach and increase their advertising revenue across the globe all thanks to the humble download.

These podcast downloads are driven from real accounts, actual people rather than automated bots or dead links. These are the people who would have found your podcast eventually all that Mediamister does is speed up the process.

We have a proven track record for offering a fast and reliable service and offer a money back guarantee in case you are not totally satisfied, although, with tens of thousands of satisfied customers and a steady flow of positive feedback to our name, we are totally confident that isn’t going to happen. You can ask all the relevant questions before you purchase even a single download from our customer support.

How much does it cost to buy downloads on podcast?

For All Episodes – Worldwide

  • 5000 Podcast Downloads (1-2 days) – 68 USD
  • 10000 Podcast Downloads (1-2 days) – 135 USD
  • 25000 Podcast Downloads (2-4 days) – 335 USD
  • 50000 Podcast Downloads (4-6 days) – 667 USD
  • 100000 Podcast Downloads (6-12 days) – 1329 USD

For All Episodes – USA

  • 1000 Podcast Downloads (1-2 days) – 29 USD
  • 2500 Podcast Downloads (2-4 days) – 69 USD
  • 5000 Podcast Downloads (4-8 days) – 135 USD
  • 10000 Podcast Downloads (8-15 days) – 265 USD

For All Episodes – UK

  • 1000 Podcast Downloads (1-2 days) – 35 USD
  • 2500 Podcast Downloads (2-3 days) – 85 USD
  • 5000 Podcast Downloads (3-6 days) – 165 USD
  • 10000 Podcast Downloads (6-12 days) – 325 USD

For Last 5 Episodes – Worldwide

  • 1000 Podcast Downloads (1-2 days) – 25 USD
  • 2500 Podcast Downloads (2-3 days) – 79 USD
  • 5000 Podcast Downloads (3-6 days) – 155 USD
  • 10000 Podcast Downloads (6-12 days) – 299 USD

For Last 5 Episodes – USA/UK

  • 1000 Podcast Downloads (1-2 days) – 35 USD
  • 2500 Podcast Downloads (2-3 days) – 85 USD
  • 5000 Podcast Downloads (3-6 days) – 165 USD
  • 10000 Podcast Downloads (6-12 days) – 325 USD


By following the tips and techniques listed above, you will already be ahead of the competition. But if you combine those working practices with a booster package from a company like MediaMister, you will see yourself rising up through the ranks in no time at all. People don’t like taking a risk when they are spending their money and so acquiring more podcast downloads, no matter how you gathered them, is only going to attract even more potential customers and listeners.

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Yes, it is safe to buy podcast downloads from us. Video Viral Views podcast downloads come from active accounts with real human owners. So it is as safe and effective as organic podcast downloads.

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    Excellent Customer Support

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