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Our Achievements

11 Years
In Business
Happy Customers
Orders Delivered
Countries Served

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Buy Spotify Plays

Would you like to start getting more monthly listeners and followers? You can buy Spotify plays and give your music the boost it needs to reach more people. Spotify has become one of the standard streaming platforms in the modern day. It works like social media platforms, allowing different people to appear in viral Spotify playlists and expand their audience. However, this process may take time because you may need a certain number of plays or streams.

Tons of independent artists are working hard for their Spotify growth. It’s a slow process, but it’s possible to buy more Spotify premium plays and start boosting your reach on the platform. Video Viral Views makes it quite easy to purchase Spotify plays and makes your music more favorable for the platform’s algorithm. Doing so can make your songs appear in viral playlists and special selections for people that listen to your particular genre. Learn why buying Spotify plays can be beneficial for you and how you can buy them from our website.

buy real spotify plays

Advantages of Buying Spotify Plays/Streams for Your Songs

If you’ve been using this platform for a while, you should know about all the benefits that it gives to your Spotify account if you get more plays within a month. Therefore, high numbers matter and can bring you some profit and increase your visibility on the platform.

Video Viral Views offers the option to buy Spotify streams for an affordable price, allowing you to take full advantage of the platform’s algorithm and make your start making your music heard by more people. Here are some of the advantages that come with purchasing more Spotify plays from us:

Give an Initial Boost to Your Songs

Streams have become one of the most important measures to indicate the success of a particular song or album. Therefore, if you buy Spotify streams, you might be able to give your work a “push” in the right direction and contribute toward its viral potential. Plus, having more Spotify streams may increase the relevance of your work on the platform in the long run, allowing you to grow your audience without too much effort.

You can buy a Spotify plays package based on the current reach of your Spotify account and give your songs a “boost” so more people discover you organically. We have different plans that suit any person’s budget or needs, allowing everyone to reach their goals effectively.

Get More Organic Plays

As mentioned, Spotify tends to favor songs or profiles that already have a relatively high number of plays on the platform. Thus, purchasing Spotify plays can get you more organic plays in the long term, allowing you to get attention from your target group and non-targeted audience.

More organic Spotify plays mean that your account will become more visible on the Spotify platform. It’ll be possible for you to be featured on different playlists and appear on radios and many other places within a person’s library. Even a small package of Spotify streams can do wonders for your music.

Quickly Became Popular on the Platform

As a musician, one of your main goals should be to be heard by hundreds of people and earn your place in the music industry. However, doing so can not be very easy because there’s a lot of competitiveness, and you’re often competing against new and already-established artists every day. Hence, buying Spotify plays can give you a “boost” on the platform and help you get some advantage. You will be able to increment the number of plays you have, which ultimately will improve your visibility on Spotify. This process can help you become a popular artist on the platform, allowing you to build a fan base and monetize your music in the long term.

Reach your Songs/Music to a Broader Audience

Generally speaking, more Spotify streams can make your work more visible on the platform. If you want to get more Spotify followers organically, Video Viral Views can help. You can buy a particular number of plays with one of our packages and start acquiring more organic audiences. Spotify tends to recommend songs with a high number of plays to people within a particular genre or even at random. Thus, more plays mean that you have more likeliness to show up on other people’s playlists whenever they’re listening to a certain song. You may also increase the probability of your songs appearing in Spotify’s automatic playlists, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

Save Your Money and Time

As marketing experts, we understand that being in the music industry as an independent artist can be quite complicated and isolating. You’re already investing time and money in your music, so it gets complicated to contribute to your work’s marketing. It’s too much to handle. Instead of spending thousands on marketing strategies to reach more people, you can easily promote your music by buying Spotify plays. You will be able to reach your target audience in little time and will save a ton of money and time you can invest in improving your music skills.

Earn Royalties

You can increase your profit by buying one of the packages that Video Viral Views has available for you. As we’ve mentioned, what makes Spotify plays so important is that you can monetize them. It’s not all about visibility. Spotify artists can get money by having more plays. Premium plays have more weight on this program, allowing you to monetize your content and earn royalties throughout the time. Thus, if you buy Spotify plays, you can increase your popularity and earnings.

buy 100000 spotify plays

Why Choose Video Viral Views for Buying Spotify Plays?

The more Spotify monthly listeners you have, the more popular you will get on the platform. Imagine all the reach and profits you would have if your Spotify account had over 1 million followers. You don’t have to keep it in your mind anymore.

You can make it a reality along with us. Video Viral Views specializes in providing social media growth services. We can help you acquire organic streams and increase your monthly plays in the long run. Here we describe some of the many aspects that make us the best option to buy Spotify plays on the web:

Plays from Real Accounts

All the Spotify streams you get from Video Viral Views come from authentic and active users on Spotify. We ensure the quality of each profile we use to deliver Spotify plays. Our team will never provide fake plays as it could put your account at risk. We ensure that each place you receive is identical to those you obtain organically, making the process effective and safe.

Variety of Play Types

We offer different packages based on the play type you are looking for. We have an available track, album, playlist, and podcast streams.

  • Track plays add streams to one particular song.
  • Album plays add streams to a whole album, no matter how many songs it has.
  • Playlist plays add streams to a playlist. These songs don’t have to be from the same album.
  • Podcast plays add streams to a particular podcast episode.

You can make a particular song more “popular” or choose to make a whole playlist of different songs and increase their visibility on the platform. There are tons of packages available based on your budget and the scale of your Spotify account.

Multiple Package Choices

We have multiple packages available, allowing you to give your Spotify profile a “boost” based on its current scale. After all, getting one million streams while having less than 1,000 followers can trigger the platform’s alarms, and your streams may be discounted. That’s why we have decided to offer different package options, including the following:

  • 1,000 plays
  • 2,500 plays
  • 3,000 plays
  • 5,000 plays
  • 10,000 plays
  • 25,000 plays
  • 50,000 plays
  • 100,000 plays

This way, you can choose a package that resonates with your current reach and keep things balanced in your Spotify artist profile.

Options to Pick Plays from a Particular Audience

Spotify has different playlists, some of which are segregated based on the country where the stream comes from. Therefore, having more plays in a particular country can help you become more popular in that territory. We offer targeted audience packages for that reason. Currently, Video Viral Views allows you to choose plays from specific audiences, including people from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, the UK, and the USA. You can also choose to buy a worldwide package and increase your visibility on global playlists.

High Retention Rate & Refill Guarantee

Our services come from real people, and our retention rate is one of the highest among social media growth service providers around the web. We ensure that the quality of the profiles we use to deliver all requests is reliable and active on that particular platform. In addition, all our packages come with a 60-day refill guarantee from the date of purchase. Thus, if any of the plays you’ve obtained disappear, you can contact our customer support team, and we will replenish your order as soon as possible.

Fast and Gradual Delivery

To make our Spotify plays indistinguishable from organic plays, we need to deliver them gradually. Otherwise, the platform may detect them as fake plays, and you won’t be able to make them monetizable in the future. We will deliver your order as soon as possible based on the size of the package. For instance, we will provide 1,000 plays within 1-4 days, while a large package of 100,000 plays will be delivered within 26-39 days.

Live Chat Support

Our customer support team will be available for all of our customers during office hours. Thus, if there’s any question you may have about our services, don’t hesitate to reach someone from our team. You can do it via the live chat option available on the bottom right corner of the screen or via email. We are available on weekdays from 9 AM until 6 PM. You can also contact us on Saturdays from 9 AM until 1 PM.

Affordable Prices

All of our social signals are delivered as soon as possible. Plus, they are available at affordable prices, allowing you to take advantage of our service regardless of the budget or strategy you may have at the moment. Our service is available for most people, allowing you to take full advantage of everything we have to offer without necessarily spending thousands of dollars on a single package. We have affordable packages that most people can obtain without problems.

Your Information is Safe with Us

Our website is often being optimized and updated to provide our customers with the utmost security. Furthermore, all transactions are processed through an encrypted SSL server. The only information we need from you is your billing details and the target Spotify URL. We will never ask you for your login details to be able to deliver your order. All we need from you is the Spotify track, album, playlist, or podcast URL to complete your order.

How to Buy Spotify Plays from Video Viral Views?

Here we explain all the steps you must follow to place an order on our website. Besides Spotify plays, you might also be interested in learning to buy Spotify monthly listeners.

  • Go to the ‘Select Spotify Plays Type’ tab and choose one of the four types of plays available: track, album, playlist, and podcast plays.

  • Click on the ‘Select Target Country’ option and choose one of the countries available.

  • Choose the number of plays you want in the ‘Select Quantity Section’

  • Copy and paste the target Spotify URL for the track, album, playlist, or podcast episode in the form that reads ‘Enter Spotify Track URL’

  • Click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button, and you will be redirected to the checkout page. Here, you must provide your billing details.

  • Choose one of the payment options (debit or credit card and cryptocurrency). If you have a coupon, enter the correct code on the respective form (optional).

  • Click on ‘Pay Securely’ and you will be redirected to the payment page. Once your payment is processed, you will have placed your order successfully.

Although Spotify plays are necessary for your growth, there are other measures that can contribute to your success in the long run. Thus, you may also want to buy Spotify followers to boost your reach. Spotify is a streaming platform that is continually changing and adding more ways in which you can make your account grow. Thus, you can also buy Spotify saves if you would like to increase your visibility even more and start monetizing your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You will not be banned from Spotify for buying streams, as all the streams we provide are identical to organic plays. It’s impossible to distinguish both types of plays because all the plays we provide come from authentic and active Spotify users. Your account will remain safe.


It’s possible for the plays to drop now and then. However, our 60-day refill guarantee will protect your order against this problem. You can contact us whenever your streams start decreasing, and we will refill your order as soon as possible.


No. We don’t need your login details to be able to fulfill your order. All we need from you is the target Spotify URL. Our team will never request any sensitive information from you.


Unless a person you have as a friend on Spotify is playing a song that you’ve uploaded to the platform, it’s impossible to know who has streamed your tracks at the moment.


It depends on the size of your package. However, we will start working on your order within 24 hours after processing the payment. Some packages may take 1-4 days, while others may take up to 39 days to be delivered.


No. Our Spotify streams are identical to organic plays and, therefore, undistinguishable from such an option. No one will ever know that you have bought plays from us.


Yes. If the song is played for more than 30 seconds before it is repeated, then it will count as an additional stream. It does not matter what song you have listened to previously. However, make sure that the volume is up – Spotify does not count muted streams.


No, Spotify doesn’t count your own plays.

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    Live Chat Support
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    Excellent Customer Support

    You can find all the answers to all of your questions about our social media services in a fast way. Live and fast support for everyone!
    Live Chat Support
    Email Support
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