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Our Achievements

11 Years
In Business
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Buy Twitch Followers

Twitch came out of nowhere to take the global social media landscape by storm. Quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned with for younger audiences in particular, Twitch quickly amassed a global user-base of more than 45 million unique users. With competition like this, it’s easy to understand why more publishers and broadcasters than ever before now buy Twitch Followers to gain an edge over their rivals.

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Why Twitch Followers Are Important?

Technically speaking, having all the Twitch Followers in the world doesn’t say anything specific about the quality of your content. Nevertheless, this isn’t the way things are interpreted on Twitch – or any other major social platform, for that matter.

Instead, each and every Twitch user worldwide (including you) makes immediate judgments based on the numbers alone. We automatically assume that the number of Followers a Twitch user has is a direct indicator of their credibility, their popularity and their value.

The more Twitch Followers they have, the ‘better’ they are and the more likely you are to take them seriously. Precisely where social signals like these can and often do make all the difference, when it comes to determining who stands out and who fades unnoticed into the background.

In which case, to buy Twitch Followers is to make an affordable investment in your perceived popularity and relevance. It’s to give others the impression that you are a trusted, verified and popular publisher, who’s clearly creating and sharing content that’s worth checking out.

An audience of 100000+ Followers carries a powerful message – an audience of just 20 Followers carries an equally powerful message, though for all the wrong reasons.

Why Should I Buy Twitch Followers?

The whole argument in favour of buying Twitch Followers lies in the importance of setting the wheels in motion. If you already have a large and engaged audience of Twitch Followers, the popularity you’ve built will take care of things organically. Popularity breeds popularity – it’s simply a case of kickstarting the process.

So, you buy Followers on Twitch to bring a little credibility and appeal to your profile, after which other Twitch users take more of an interest in your content. As an added bonus, Twitch Followers (and other social signals) are directly connected with exposure and visibility on the platform. So along with boosting your appeal, you’ll also be easier to find in the first place.

At which point, it’s down to the quality of your content to do the talking. You’re easier to find and you’ve got the credibility you need, so there’s nothing to stop you attracting new Followers organically. Buying Twitch Followers is all about taking the first step and making your voice heard – the rest is down to you.

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Why Buy Twitch Followers from Video Viral Views?

Anyone who sets out to buy Twitch Followers should take adequate steps to safeguard their anonymity and reputation. Given how buying Twitch Followers is all about authority and credibility, building an army of fake and fraudulent Followers from bot-generated accounts isn’t going to get you far.

Instead, you need to ensure you stick exclusively with high quality Followers from real Twitch accounts, which in every sense are as good as the real thing. At Video Viral Views, this is the only kind of social proof we provide.

When you buy Followers on Twitch from us, we personally ensure that each and every one of them is authentic, legit and sourced from an active account with a real human owner.

In doing so, you’re provided with new Followers that are every bit as real as those you’d attract organically – all 100% undetectable from the real thing. Right now, some of our most popular packages of Twitch Followers available for purchase on our website include the following:

  • 50 Twitch Followers delivered within 1-2 working days
  • 100 Twitch Followers delivered within 1-2 working days
  • 250 Twitch Followers delivered within 1-3 working days
  • 500 Twitch Followers delivered within 1-3 working days
  • 1000 Twitch Followers delivered within 2-4 working days

We’ve spent more than 10 years building and optimising a unique system for the safe, effective and affordable delivery of social signals like these. Whether looking to pick up a handful of Followers to see how it works or boost your appeal with thousands of new Followers, we’re standing by to make it happen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still looking to clarify things before placing your order for Twitch Followers? Read on for concise answers to a selection of frequently asked questions on how and why buying Twitch Followers could be the way to go:
You’re only at risk if you buy fake and fraudulent Followers from inactive accounts, often generated by bots with no human owners. If you stick with 100% authentic Followers, you’re completely safe.


Not at all – just as long as you stick with real Followers sourced from active and authentic accounts. It’s all about quality and keeping things convincing, rather than cutting corners to save costs.


Simply place your order for the required number of Twitch Followers online, after which we’ll gradually add them to your profile through a strategic and organic delivery process.


Yes – Media Mister accepts payment by way of a variety of cryptocurrencies, all of which are processed via


If your goal is to stand out from the crowd and create a more positive impression, the answer is yes. Just be sure to stick exclusively with 100% authentic Followers, as touched upon several times above.

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    Excellent Customer Support

    You can find all the answers to all of your questions about our social media services in a fast way. Live and fast support for everyone!
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