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Our Achievements

11 Years
In Business
Happy Customers
Orders Delivered
Countries Served

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How tough is it to create a successful YouTube channel? With around 51 million creators all competing for engagement, the answer is – pretty tough! A monetized YouTube channel of genuine quality and appeal can generate serious revenues.

Right now, YouTube has a total combined audience of 2.1 billion active users. 694,000 hours of video content are streamed on YouTube every minute, and the site attracts 14.3 billion visits per month.

Figures like these can be intimidating – particularly for those launching new YouTube channels. There’s no shortage of paid YouTube promotion services to get you ahead, but what chance do you really have when up against this kind of competition?

The answer – is every chance in the world, with the right approach.Internet users across the board use social signals to guide their decisions. This is true across all social media platforms, where the numbers are everything. On YouTube, video views are a make-or-break factor.

The more views your YouTube videos have, the more likely they are to be taken seriously. In which case, why not buy YouTube views and ensure your videos stand out from the crowd ?

buy 100 youtube views

Why Should You Buy YouTube Views?

To purchase YouTube views is to make an invaluable investment in your channel’s appeal. YouTube growth services like these give you the opportunity to purchase two things money cannot normally buy: Authority and Credibility.

Whether your goal is to generate more exposure for your videos or to get more subscribers to your YouTube channel., purchasing views could make all the difference. Just a few of the benefits of buying Youtube views for your videos on YouTube are as follows:

Increase Your Revenues

First up, buying real viewers for your videos can help you fulfill the requirements of the YouTube Partner Program. This holds the key to monetization, after which organic viewers translate to higher revenues. In order to qualify for the YouTube Partner Program, you need to have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours over the past 12 months. Both of which can be purchased at an affordable price.

Boost Your Channel’s Ranking

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, after Google. You need to do everything you can to appeal to this algorithm in order to generate organic views. YouTube is engineered to showcase and recommend popular and trending content. This means that when you buy views from real YouTube users, you benefit from enhanced exposure. The more views your videos collect, the more likely they are to be promoted by YouTube.

Make Your Videos Go Viral

Similarly, getting more YouTube video views and influencing the platform’s algorithm holds the key to going viral. Content goes viral when trending content reaches enough people in a short space of time. For your content to go viral, it needs to stand out from the crowd in a big way. Getting more views shows the YouTube algorithm that your videos are worth recommending. This can help you reach a much bigger audience of organic viewers.

Increase Your Subscriber Count

Buying views can also be great for convincing more people to check out your YouTube account and subscribe. Views are an important indicator of Credibility, appeal, authority, and value. If you want people to take your YouTube channel seriously, you need to present it in the right way. The more views your videos have, the more convincing and engaging your channel becomes. All of which can and will translate to more subscribers and more engagement.

Build Credibility

Speaking of Credibility, building a credible social media presence is all about the numbers. Your value and appeal will always be measured by your popularity. The number of views a YouTube video stacks up tells you everything you need to know about its creator. Hence, building a viable YouTube presence begins and ends with social proof. When you buy YouTube views, you make a direct investment in your Credibility and your presence.

Save Time and Effort

Last up, purchasing views will save you a world of time and effort.Waiting around for people to watch your videos organically isn’t an option – unless you are already a YouTube superstar. The alternative is to buy all the views you need right now in order to maximize the performance, popularity, and profitability of your channel.Purchasing views really can be a game changer and is a surprisingly popular tactic on YouTube.

Why Choose Video Viral Views for Buying YouTube Views?

At Video Viral Views, we offer a wide range of dynamic social media services at affordable prices. We specialize exclusively in legit views of unbeatable quality, covered by a full money-back guarantee. Just a few of the benefits of placing an order with Video Viral Views are as follows:

Experience and Expertise

We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and we know what quality service is all about. Over the years, our team has helped thousands of creators achieve their most ambitious goals on YouTube. Whether starting from scratch or looking to boost the performance of an existing channel, we can make it happen at a price you can afford.

High-Quality Views

If looking for the cheapest views on the web from spam accounts, look elsewhere. At Video Viral Views, we’re committed to high-retention views of unbeatable quality and value for money. All views we provide come from real people with real accounts and are, therefore, 100% monetizable. Importantly, the services we provide comply with all of YouTube’s terms and conditions, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Country Targeted Views

Our authentic YouTube views can be purchased from targeted audiences in more than 95 countries worldwide. Popular examples of which include the USA, the UK, Brazil, Italy, Hong Kong, and dozens more besides. If you are targeting a specific market with your YouTube content, we strongly recommend buying country-targeted views. Contact the Video Viral Views support team anytime to learn more about our targeted services for YouTube.

Fast Delivery

Overnight delivery of thousands of YouTube views could lead to the suspension of your account. This is why we use a gradual, drip-feed delivery system to maintain discretion. We prioritize safe delivery over instant delivery, and we conduct every view manually. No bots, no automation, and no spam – every view we provide is identical to the real thing.

Flexible Packages

Our flexible packages for YouTube combine a broad range of options with comprehensively cheap prices. We make it quick and easy to buy 500, 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, 25,000, 50,000, 100,000 – even 1 million views per order. All with prices starting from as little as $2.00 and complete with a full money-back guarantee. If you cannot see the exact views bundle you need on our website, contact Video Viral Views anytime to discuss placing a custom and bulk orders.

Wide Range of YouTube Services

Along with views, we offer a broad range of additional promotional products and services for YouTube. Examples of which include YouTube Likes YouTube Subscribers YouTube CommentsYouTube Watch Time Hours, and more. All with the same guarantees of quality and authenticity for total peace of mind.

Refill Guarantee

Our commitment to high-retention YouTube views is total. That’s why we cover all sales with an initial refill guarantee for 60 days. This means that if any of the views you buy ‘drop’ off during this time, we will replace them free of charge. The same non-drop Guarantee applies to all of our products and services for YouTube.

No Passwords Required

Under no circumstances will Video Viral Views ask you to disclose any of your passwords or sensitive private information. All YouTube views we deliver are performed by real people with active and authentic accounts. They are identical to organic views and take place in the normal way – 100% externally.

Secure Payment Process

All transactions processed by Video Viral Views are safeguarded with our SSL encrypted payment gateway. We abide by the strictest security protocols, with customer safety being our top priority. Multiple payment methods can be used to process orders, including but not limited to credit and debit cards, online wallets, and major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

Simple Website and Easy User Interface

Our goal is to make it as easy and affordable as possible for our customers to make big things happen on YouTube. We’ve designed the Video Viral Views website to be simple to navigate and easy to use, with no experience necessary. You’ll find everything you need at the click of a button, and our customer service reps can be contacted via live chat.

Best Customer Support Team

Last up; customer satisfaction is always our top priority at Video Viral Views. Our award-winning customer support team can be contacted during normal office hours, either by live chat or email. If there is anything we can do to help you get your purchase most active, just ask. Outside office hours, drop us an email detailing your requirements, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

What Types of YouTube Views Can You Buy from Us?

At Video Viral Views, we offer a wide range of different types of YouTube views from real people. Only real accounts with real human owners are used to deliver our services – nothing fake and no spam.

Normal Views

With normal views, an active and authentic YouTube user watches your video in a normal way. You can buy anything from a few hundred to tens of thousands of views per order, massively boosting the view counts of your most important videos. All views are performed in the normal way and are, therefore, as effective as organic views.

High Retention Views

Our high-retention views work in the same way as normal views, only with a longer view-time. With high retention views, your videos will be watched by real people for up to 8-20 minutes. These types of views can be highly-influential when the YouTube algorithm is concerned. They can also be great for getting your watch time hours up if you are looking to monetize your channel.

YouTube Premiere Waiting Views

With YouTube Premiere waiting views, you can generate hype in your upcoming views ahead of time. You can buy as many views as you like for one or multiple videos in waiting status, making it much easier to attract and engage your targeted audience. YouTube Premier videos with thousands of waiting views are always more attractive than those nobody is taking an interest in.

Google Ads Views

Video Viral Views can create and implement a full Googles Ads campaign on your behalf. Get more traffic, gain new subscribers, and earn more money with our premium quality Google Ads services. Please contact the team at Video Viral Views anytime for more information and for full pricing details.

TrueView Video Discovery Ads Views

We can also run a campaign on your behalf to generate views with TrueView Video Discovery Ads. These high-profile ads appear in prominent places on YouTube and can be fantastic for maximizing exposure. Contact a member of the team at Video Viral Views today to learn more about our TrueView Video Discovery Ad campaigns.

Live Stream Views

Video Viral Views can also set you up with all the live stream views you need to turbocharge your broadcasts. We can send you all the real-time viewers you need to enhance the appeal of your streams, prearranged for your preferred time and date. You can even choose how long these live streams last – anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

YouTube Shorts Views

Last up; YouTube Shorts is fast becoming a major TikTok competitor. Purchased views can inject priceless Credibility and appeal into all types of Shorts. They make your Shorts appear more prominently on YouTube and generate far more engagement. Those who create channels specifically with Shorts in mind could find buying views the ultimate game-changer.

Who Can Benefit from Buying Views on YouTube?

Anyone looking to get ahead on YouTube could benefit from an investment in authentic views. The benefits of buying views are universal, irrespective of your goals. Even so, the following YouTube users could gain the biggest benefits of all from a bigger view count:

  • Streamers – Boost engagement and give your live streams the Credibility they need to pull in a bigger audience each and every time.
  • Musicians – The more popular your videos look, the easier it becomes to break into the music business. Why not buy views and make things happen right now?
  • Bloggers – Show your target audience you know what you’re talking about, and boost the authority of every piece of content you publish.
  • Businesses – Enhance your reputation, sell more products, generate more leads, and make more money – just a few of the benefits of buying YouTube views.

Whoever you are and whatever you do, you will find it much easier to engage and influence your target audience with a high view count. Contact a member of the team at Video Viral Views anytime for more information.

How to Buy YouTube Views from Video Viral Views?

Placing an order for YouTube views with Video Viral Views couldn’t be easier:

  • Select the ‘Type of YouTube Views’ you would like to purchase from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Options include Normal views, High Retention views, Live Stream views, Google Ads views, YouTube Shorts views, and many more besides.
  • Choose the ‘Target Country’ from which you would like your views to be sourced, with more than 90 major international markets to choose from.
  • You can also select ‘Worldwide’ views for even distribution on a global basis.
  • Use the next drop-down menu to indicate the ‘Quantity of Views’ you would like to buy. You can purchase anything from 1,000 views to 1 million per order – all 100% authentic.
  • When placing an order for live stream views, you will also need to indicate your preferred watch time – anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours.
  • You will then see the total price payable for your order, including an estimated delivery time.
  • When ready to go ahead, copy and paste the ‘URL of your YouTube video’ into the box at the bottom of the screen. Ensure it is accurate, as this is where the views you purchase will be carried out.
  • Hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button below to continue shopping, or choose ‘Buy Now’ to be taken straight to our secure payment stage.

After completing the transaction, you will receive a confirmation by email. We will then begin delivering your views within 24 hours, followed by gradual delivery of the rest of your order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for additional insights and important information on how to buy YouTube views for your videos:
Yes – buying 100% authentic YouTube views is safe. There is nothing in YouTube’s published terms and conditions that states you cannot buy real views from real people. However, fake views sourced from spam accounts are strictly prohibited.


Yes – purchasing views for your YouTube videos is 100% legal. Though again, this only applies if the views you buy are identical to organic views. This way, they are guaranteed safe and effective.


Yes – Media Mister exclusively provides genuine views from real YouTube users. Your videos will be watched by real people in a normal way, making every view the same as an organic view. Our views come from active and authentic YouTube users – never automated algorithms or bots. Whether you order 1,000 or 1 million views, we guarantee the same quality and authenticity with every view we deliver.


You will see an estimated delivery time for your order after indicating the number of views you would like to buy. In all instances, we aim to get the delivery process underway within 24 hours after confirmation of your order. The rest of your views will then be delivered at a rate that looks natural. This is essential to maintain discretion and avoid detection.


At Media Mister, you can buy anything from 1,000 views to 1 million views per order. We offer a flexible and affordable range of promotional packages to suit all budgets. We are always happy to discuss bespoke packages and bulk orders.


No – the views we provide come from real people and are, therefore, identical to the real thing. Under no circumstances will anyone (including YouTube) be able to tell which views you bought and which you gained naturally. We personally verify the quality and authenticity of every view, and we never use fake accounts.


No – buying 100% authentic views from real people will not affect the safety of your account. YouTube prohibits the purchase of fake social signals from spam accounts and takes action against those responsible. At Media Mister, our views come from real people with active and authentic accounts. Our services comply with the terms and conditions set out by YouTube and are, therefore, safe.


We specialize in high-retention YouTube views from real people, so it is never drop. For total peace of mind, we cover all sales with an initial 60-day retention warranty. This means that if any of your views disappear during this time, we will replace them free of charge. Simply let us know, and we will refill your order – no questions asked.


Yes – Media Mister is always happy to consider requests for bespoke packages and bulk orders. The more YouTube views you buy, the more you stand to save. There is also the option of combining multiple promotional services for YouTube into one order upon request. Contact our customer support team via live chat or email to discuss your requirements.


Estimates suggest that for every 1 million YouTube views, you could earn anything from $1,000 to $6,000. However, it depends entirely on your preferred business model – i.e., whether you make money from ad views, sponsorship, product sales, or a combination of all three. Either way, more views will always translate to more money in your pocket. The more views you stack up, the easier it becomes to start making serious money on YouTube.

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    Excellent Customer Support

    You can find all the answers to all of your questions about our social media services in a fast way. Live and fast support for everyone!
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